'Stock Up On Booze This Friday' Says LT President

It's no secret that Vilnius has some of the least inhibited students in Europe. Undoubtedly they are to credit for much of the city's atmosphere and energy. And its silly alcohol restrictions.

On September 1st, alcohol sales will be prohibited in Lithuania in honor of the new academic year. Given Lithuanian students' penchant for partying and getting obliterated to start off the school year, officials thought banning alcohol sales for this day was a necessary measure to curb student drunkenness.

What this means is that bars and alcohol shops will not be open September 1st, and many restaurants will be closed or not serving alcohol in order to ensure that you get up bright eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning and get to school on time. But wait a minute, it's a Sunday. What's wrong with getting shit-faced the weekend before school starts up again? Isn't this obligatory after all?

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus has said he now regrets not vetoing the silly bill prohibiting alcohol sales on September 1st when it was on his desk back in June. Such bans make us look ridiculous. They cannot solve the problem, he told reporters on Monday. It is sheer stupidity to close restaurants and bars on trains and refuse service to foreigners just to prevent students from drinking beer on September 1, celebrating the beginning of the academic year, Adamkus said. Young people may stock themselves with alcohol on August 31 to last them several days, the president said ironically.

Couldn't agree with you more Adamkus. Cheers for the heads-up. Indeed, many holidaymakers will have a damper thrown over their rebel-rousing plans this weekend; but we can assure you that the city's silly restrictions will do little to stop Vilnius University students from having a great time. Hey, anyone hosting any house parties we should know about this weekend? Vilnius Life gets thirsty too, you know.


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