Russians Seek Aid of Lithuanians to Sexually Satisfy Their Wives

According to Lithuanian newspaper, Lietuvos Rytas, Russian diplomat Alexander Zemzerov has been whisked back to Russia following a rather unusual sex scandal in Vilnius. Zemzerov, first assistant to the Russian defense attache in Lithuania, was forced to leave his position after it was revealed that he had been procuring male prostitutes for use by his wife. A male prostitute confirmed that one of his regular clients was Zemzerov's wife, after he recognised the 43-year-old Russian diplomat on television as the man who hired him to 'entertain' her. The couple has subsequently been moved back to Russia where it seems there are as many fake orgasms in the bedroom as there is fake vodka in the cupboards. Guess those Russian nights really are frigid...


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Alberto Campos

The ending of this text is very arrogant. It's widely known in the world how hot Lithuanian men are... and romantic... and indefatigable hard-lovers... ahahah You should put back a little bit your anti-russian feelings when you pretend you are a journalist, newsman or reviewer.

Reply Aug 2nd, 2010

I guess with Mr.Lacost. There's no woman or men faithfull by themselves. In my opinion if a girl is unsatisfy by hers guy, it's normal she look around herself and when she find interest to somebody, she try to have a sex. It's the same for a man... Try to think about it..

Reply May 18th, 2008
United Kingdom

Sorry, Michael - I consider myself quite liberal but what you wrote is, frankly, gross. Thank God I am not your wife!

Reply Mar 10th, 2008
Marty B
United Kingdom

Man, you are way over the top! I would not even begin to think of demeaning my partner in this way.

Reply Mar 10th, 2008
Michael J. Lacoste
United States

There is nothing wrong with a woman faking orgasms to try to please her man. I don't think there are too many men that can really satisfy a woman like she needs to be satisfied. If a man let's his woman have sex with another man it could help him have better sex with his woman. As long as she has something left over when she gets home. If she says she is too tired because he fucked her flat that wouldn't be cool at all. If I had a woman I would let her have all the sex she wanted. I would still get my share. I would try to talk her into having a threesome. Now we are talking real fun. Most people can't consider doing this. I have shared my woman before and the sex only got better for me. I would even help her with the oral part. I guess you are wondering if it was a man or a woman. Take a guess. It's your choice

Reply Feb 8th, 2008