Giraffes Gone Wild!

In a seldom seen square-off between man and beast, a giraffe has been both accused of and applauded for attacking three intoxicated trespassers in its habitat at the Kaunas Zoo. Celebrating a festival nearby the zoo Monday, May 7th, the drunken revellers took the logical next step forward in their festivities, stealing into the zoo in the dark and entering the giraffe's cage despite the ten-foot-high fence surrounding it. The giraffe - generally regarded as a docile, peaceable member of the animal kingdom - greeted its guests by flying into a rage and attacking them however it is giraffes do that sort of thing. As a result of the clash, poor Ruta Greiciute - a 22-year-old student at Kaunas Technology University - was hospitalised with a broken collarbone and broken nose incurred from the necky creature's violent offensive. The other two students managed to escape the cage with little more injured than their pride - having been run-off by a reputedly 'harmless' animal - leaving little Ru behind to take the worst of it. According to Kaunas Zoo spokeswoman, Angele Grebliauskaite, Ruta was lucky herself to escape a potential "death-by-stomping" doled out by the giraffe, whose name has been released by authorities as 'Solut.' Apparently, Solut was not the only animal disturbed Monday evening; just the only one to kick ass. Way to go buddy. We can see why you hold your chin up high...


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