New Interactive Vilnius Map!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our brand-spankin' new, hot-off-the-pixels Vilnius map. Go ahead there, give it a whirl - click at will, drag it around - it's frickin' unstoppable!

The new Vilnius Life map is fully interactive; it won't buy you a drink, but it will show you every backstreet shortcut and abandoned building in the city. Our pals at Google (cheers guys) have helped us bring you a new Vilnius map that not only zooms in and out and toggles left and right, but also provides up-to-date satellite imagery of the city so you can get an idea of the physical lay-of-the-land. And to ice the cake, we've added a tag for every single hotel, restaurant, bar, shop, what-have-you listed on our site. Just click one of the categories on the left of the map and you'll see all the places that match that field instantly pop up on the map. Click on the coloured tags to find out what they are and follow the link to get more info! Brilliant!

In addition to the new Vilnius map, check out our interactive maps of Cracow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. Soon we'll be adding the same maptastic features to our other sites like Vienna, Gdansk, Tallinn, Prague, Berlin and more - so keep an eye out!

It just keeps getting better around here, huh?


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