Focus On Vilnius 2009

The Vilnius European Capital of Culture 2009 Bureau has announced its team and plans for the celebrations. The event is a momentous challenge for the crew, who are looking to raise the profile of Vilnius across the world.

"As a new member state, we will be expected to provide Europe with new cultural experiences, unique perspectives and unusual ideas. We are determined to present our program outline to the European Commission as early as June, and to pique the interest of as many European Union residents and neighboring state citizens as we can in the next two years," said the bureaus Executive Director, Ruta Vanagaite.

Now that some new employees have joined the team, there are a total of ten on staff at the headquarters and we plan to double that number by the end of the year. The structure of the organization is designed to follow two strategic avenues: program preparation and communications," stated Director Giedre Kabasinskiene.

Although Vilnius will only become a European Capital of Culture in 2009, the organizers plan to present an Aperitif Program this year in the form of four introductory projects: European Culture Night (2007 June 23-24); Jan Fabre and LT Art in Unusual Spaces (2007 September); LUX - Light Festival in the Season of Darkness (2007 November); and the Vilnius European Capital of Culture Ambassador Convention (2007 December).


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