Simply Red Revs Up For Vilnius

Surely the best kind of fame is when you have the world at your feet but you can still pass unrecognised in the world at large. Who wants to be harangued whilst taking the dog for a walk, nobbled whilst choosing a chow mein at the Chinese. It's better to be an obscure Duke than a Prince in waiting. And it's surely better to be a faceless fiction writer than a painfully preened pop-star.

Such blissful anonymity cannot be attributed to red-headed soft-rocker Mick Hucknall, who really couldn't be mistaken for anybody else on this planet. Like the mischievous Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, his presence so dominates his group that it would be difficult to put a face to any other member of his band.

At this juncture, we should probably acknowledge that for some stars, being recognisable is actually quite a lot of fun. And we have a fairly strong hunch that arch-crooner Mick Hucknall falls into this category. And good on him. After all, there are horses for courses, and now that money's not so tight to mention (hit those cymbals Al), he might as well enjoy the fruits of his earnings. I mean, why is it that the red-headed minions get such a hard time? It's surely rather magnificent to see that Mick is smashing the stereotypes to smithereens. All those guys who used to call him ginger at school must be spitting with envy now at the thought of the Huck's phenomenal pulling power.

But anyway, we're straying from the point here. Indeed, forget all that waffle, because the red-hot news (hit those cymbals again Al) is that Mick and the boys are touching down in Vilnius this weekend for a one-off concert.... So, is Mick's music nothing more than cheesy rubbish? Or did Mr. Hucknall bring us some of the most memorable ballads of that dotty decade, the 80's. Decide for yourself this Sunday when the gang lets rip at Vilnius's Siemens Arena. Not to be missed!

Simply Red Plays Vilnius
8pm, Sunday, 13th August, 2006
Siemens Arena, 14 Ozo Street
Ticket Prices: 90-150 lt.


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