Vienna Travel Tips

As always if you're on the spot and in doubt, ask a local (especially one who's nor brandishing a knife). It's by talking to the locals that you'll get an immediate flavour of how the city functions, or a tip on something that might have emerged out of the blue - a Heurige that's known only to a select few, a sausage stand run by Uncle Fritz that has the best wurst in town....

In the meantime, Vienna Life remains loyally committed to keeping you up to scratch on what's hot and what's not. Our resident Herr Sherlock Holmes is on the case. And on the cultural front, don't forget that Vienna does a lot better than most when it comes to securing top notch events. Have a peek at our calendar to see what's bubbling in the cultural cauldron. Other than that, here are a few basic tips on finding your feet:

+ A straightforward one to start. UK visitors in particular are more than happy to throw on a T-shirt at all times of the year. Bear in mind that in Central Europe, Winters can be a lot, lot, colder and even the most hardened locals respect Mother Nature on this score - warm clothes are a must.

+ A cheery Gruss Gott (Greetings to God) always goes down well around town - it's more popular than Guten Tag. For some old school adventures, a Servus will raise a smile. Click here for more language tips.

+ In Vienna, tipping extends beyond the waiters of the snazzier restaurants. Of course, if someone's profoundly unpleasant to you then the logic of tipping may seem a tad eccentric. But if all goes well, it's customary to tip porters, taxi drivers, hair-dressers and theatre ushers.

+ Here's a tip from a female friend. One of the highlights of Vienna is the cookery itself. And besides the rich cakes, a lot of Viennese cookery comes with creamy sauces. Absolutely delicious in our book, and it would be a crime not to sample the local fare. All the same, if you don't want too big a shock when you step on the scales back home, go easy on the choccie cakes before you set off.

+ Hopefully you won't need this one, but if you have to call the police, dial 133. Speaking English shouldn't be a problem.

+ Remember, if you're driving, the legal limit for alcohol is so low (0.25 mg /l ) that it's not worth risking one for the road.

Above: Dog nearly sits on ice cream


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