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If you need to hire a car or perhaps track down a translator for an interview with Austria's leading underwater cameraman, click onwards for a few last minute tips. A couple of small steps could help to smooth you sojourn.

Here you'll find pointers towards everything from hair-dressers to legal advisors. Naturally, we're hoping that this part of the site won't be a last resort after you've been detained for a heinous crime. That said, 'The Great Vienna Bank Robbery' does have a certain ring to it. But no, enough day-dreaming. After all, we don't even have Phil Collins to help out....

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Gurtel Europaplatz

1. Wien Westbahnhof

5 reviews
Hauffgasse 3-5

2. Flughafentaxi Wien

3 reviews
1300 Wien Flughafen, Postfach 1,

3. Vienna Airport

6 reviews
Karntner Ring 17

4. Hertz

14 reviews

5. Vienna Airport Cab

0 reviews
Wittegasse 10/4
Engerthstrasse 177/5

7. Vie-Transfer

0 reviews
Schöbrunnerstraße 180

8. Levert

0 reviews
Flughafen Wien-Schwechat, 1300 Wien-Schwechat

9. Vienna Airport Taxi

0 reviews

Reviews about Vienna Services


Flughafentaxi Wien CoolCab

Be warned!! The car that you hired is not what they give you. We hire a Merc A class. They gave us a Peugeot. The employee said this is how things are in Europe. Their customer relation email is not helpful too.


Hertz airport today: Very bad experience. Rented a Golf, but got a Skoda Fabia - a class smaller and much worse than a Golf. Really?? After asking for another car, they excused - we are fully booked (they always tell you that and then there are hundreds of cars in the garage). 2nd excuse - this specific car needs to go to Linz (my drop-off location), no other car can go there. After insisting 3 times to change the car, the manager appeared and offered a Skoda Octavia (same MQB platform as the Golf). All of the sudden, there was another car and it could go to Linz as well. So don´t let them send you away with lies, there is always an option, maybe not an option they like to offer.... In the end I have to pay an extra 87€ for 3 days while it would be only 15€ more when booked by our agency. Not recommended, at least not in Vienna airport


Great service from Coolcab today! Very pleasant driver and comfortable ride to the airport. I will definitely be using this service next time I am in Vienna. Thank you!

United Kingdom,
Flughafentaxi Wien CoolCab

The worst rental experience in 25 years. The rental car broke down on a country road in Croatia just before dark and they left us stranded to our devices. They towed the car away and we had to manage on our own. This FRANCHISE is a disgrace!!! Do NOT ever rent from them. I would like to give them 0 star but the system is not letting me do that.

United States,

Profesional taxi team!!!

Flughafentaxi Wien

The Best flughafen taxi Wien!!

Flughafentaxi Wien

I'm another Hertz customer who had damage charges from the Vienna Hertz office, 483 Euro + VAT for a paint chip on the bumper, which may or may not have been there when I rented it in Innsburck. When renting, be VERY careful to check the car for even minor scratches and report them before you leave. Document everything when you return the car. In this case the clerk in Vienna would not provide a copy of the damage report or invoice unless I signed agreeing to take responsibility.

United States,

Best offer, good service. We paid 29€ for transfer to 1090 Vienna.

Flughafentaxi Wien

This outlet fraudulently claims damages to returned cars. I am in a process of claiming a refund (charged to my card) for non specified damage. Take pictures and do not leave their office without signed final invoice. See tripadvisor comments under Hertz Austria fraud.