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Hot Hot Hot Stone massage for your frozen bones! posted by Osanna

Yes, you probably spend all day touring around Sofia in -10 degrees. Well, good for you! Now its time to relax and leave your body at the hands of the… [Read more]

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NEW Internet Cafe in Sofia "WEB ZONE" posted by internet cafe

Dear customers, the new, attractive internet cafe opened in Sofia. We offer a high-speed internet access and modern computer equipment with widescreen… [Read more]

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Cheap flights posted by djsilence

Are there any cheap flights that fly directly to Sofia? [Read more]

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Do you want to work with Sofia Life? posted by zebra-media

Self motivated people required to run travel websites in the following cities: Berlin, Gdansk, Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga… [Read more]

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YOGA JAM posted by Aleks2012

YOGA JAM VARNA – събота, 2 ОКТОМВРИ (СПОР [Read more]

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Bulgarian traditional cuisine posted by elenanincevi

If you love good food and nice atmosphere, visit hotel Maria Luisa in Sofia. My father, Goce, is the head chef of the restaurant in there, and I assure you you… [Read more]

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athletics posted by jessyBGD

Hi! I will probably come to Sofia in September. Can somebody help me to find address of some very good sports shop in Sofia with a choice of athletics spike… [Read more]

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Cheap sleeps posted by Peterjon

Hi. Does anyone know of any cheapo hotels - up to 30euro a night to bed down in. Trying to avoid hostels if poss. Any tips welcome. [Read more]

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English media in Sofia posted by djsilence

Besides Sofia-life, is there any other place to read about Sofia or Bulgaria news and events in English? [Read more]

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cheap fares to Sofia posted by Jackie50

As we all know, cheap tickets can be had buy the golden rule is buy them earlier enough. Easyjet flies to Sofia from 24 quid one way but that's for this… [Read more]

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Club scene posted by Saucerer

Hi guys. Coming to Sofia soon. What's the club scene like? Where's the best place to listen to funky dirty house with an unpretentious crowd? Tips appreciated! [Read more]

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indie clubs posted by djsilence

are there any indie clubs in sofia? or places that play more alternative/rockish music? [Read more]

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