Further information & useful websites

Get the latest news and reviews from one of our favourite newspapers, the Prague Post
Radio Free Europe - historic station, based in Prague.

The Czech Republic's official website

Tallinn hotels - sleep tight in the Estonian capital
Riga nightlife - party hard with the Latvians
Ljubljana Life - your complete guide to life in Ljubljana
Prague restaurants - and more besides at Prague Life
St. Petersburg Russia - explore Peter the Great's city
Moscow bars and clubs - explore Moscow's nightlife
Sight and Soul Travels - superb site offering European tours and vacations for women
Steve's Travel Guides Great travel guides with a sense of humour.
Eurodestination.com - European city breaks, travel and holidays guide with news, reviews and forums.
Wroclaw Stags - Stag Weekends in raucous Wroclaw.

Learn English in Prague - get to grips with English with some of the best teachers in Prague.


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