Wizz to Poznan!

Low-fare airline Wizz Air is making it even easier to wizz off to Poznan from the UK. The airline will open its 7th operating base in Poznan Airport in January 2008. With the opening of the base will come four new routes from Poznan, to Sheffield, Glasgow, Copenhagen and Oslo to go along with its present service to London, Stockholm, and Dortmund. The base will include a new A320 plane which will employ a local crew, and while the new routes will be flown 2 or 3 times a week, this will increase service to London Luton to 7 days a week. The expansion into Poznan will also create hundreds of new jobs and is expected to have a positive impact on the city's economy.

Perhaps Wizz Air are feeling the heat of competition from rival no-frills airline RyanAir, which launched several new routes to Poznan this year. Either way, this means that the airlines predict that travel to Poznan is on the rise, and we at Poznan Life couldn't be happier with the news!


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