Poznan Airport

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Poznan's airport is officially called the Henryk Wieniawski Airport, but is commonly referred to simply as Lawica (for the locality it's in). The airport is located 8 km west of the city centre following the route towards Berlin. The northern part of the airport dates back to 1913, when it was established as a military air base by the Prussian military. The airport territory passed into Polish hands in 1919, though it was retaken during the Second World War, and then reclaimed again afterwards. However, it wasn't until 1993 that Lawica began to function as an international commercial airport, when the first international flight (to Dusseldorf) took place. Since then, the 1990s saw an explosion of international direct connections, mostly between German cities and Poznan. Today, thanks to low-cost airlines like Wizzair, you can fly direct from London and Liverpool (or many Polish and European cities) for grosze! The new connections have brought many visitors to Poznan both for business and pleasure, and in 2001 a new cargo terminal opened at Lawica, followed by a new passenger terminal later that year. In 2006, Lawica saw almost 700,000 passengers pass through its gates, and that number is sure to grow once more and more visitors discover the charms of Poznan!

If you're just in Poznan for a layover, there's plenty to do to keep you occupied for an hour or two. Lawica has plenty of shops and places to eat or even grab a tall frosty Polish beer on-site, as well as places to change money, hire a car, buy a newspaper, or just lounge around between flights.

If you're heading to Poznan from the airport, Poznan's excellent City Public Transport Company (MPK) can get you there quickly and cheaply. Just catch one of the busses listed below:

Line 59: Airport - Baltyk (Rondo Kaponiera) (journey time about 30min)
Express Line L: Airport - Central Railway Station (journey time about 20min)
Line 48: Wyszeborka (200m straight from terminal building) - Baltyk (Rondo Kaponiera) (journey time about 30 min)
Night bus line 242: Airport - Central Railway Station (journey time about 30 min)

Or grab a taxi from in front of the arrivals hall!

For more information and flight schedules, please visit the official Poznan Airport website.


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A: Unfortunately, there are no direct lines from the airport but there are numerous routes from the Poznan main bus station which you can check on our website GetByBus .

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Quite informative

Reply Jun 28th, 2018
ian ogley
United Kingdom

the airport is very good, but for a small airport there is much difficulty in organising departure details. if only it could be decided which gate a ryanair flight leaves from as soon as we check in it would save a lot of confusion and stress for passengers. we fly in and out about 6 times a year and it is the worst airport for organisation we come across.

Reply Dec 18th, 2010
Ingrid Wilson
South Africa

My birthplace is Elbing near Koenigsberg and am looking for nearest airport to Elbing (now Elblag)

Reply Jul 5th, 2010
United States

going to poznan, any susgestions for cheap rentz/ thanks

Reply Dec 8th, 2008

Poznan seemed like a great city. Can't wait till next year to come back again

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United States

Much nicer airport than i expected - but then, so was Poznan!

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