Top 16 Poznan Bars & Clubs

Poznan is full of pubs and night clubs so there's no excuse for not having a good time. The four sides of Stary Rynek are lined with some more upmarket watering holes and that's just the start of it!

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Stary Rynek 73, 74

1. Brovaria

14 reviews
ul. Polwiejska 42

2. SQ Klub

3 reviews
Stary Rynek 86

3. Lizard King

13 reviews
ul Wroclawska 9

4. Proletaryat

13 reviews
ul. Zamkowa 3

5. Dragon

7 reviews
ul. Szewska 20a

6. Brogan's

1 review
ul. Kosciuszki 76/78

7. Blue Note

0 reviews
ul. Wrocławska 21

8. Cuba Libre

2 reviews
Stary Rynek 6

9. Meskalina

1 review
ul. Wielka 27/29

10. Cute

1 review
Stary Rynek 60

11. Tapas

1 review
ul. Wozna 1

12. Stacja Cafe

0 reviews
ul. Wozna 21

13. Deja Vu

0 reviews
ul. Szewska 20

14. Bunuba

0 reviews
ul. Wrocławska 1

15. Kultowa

0 reviews
ul. Wielka 21

16. Piwnica 21

0 reviews

Wandering off in any direction from here will lead you towards some kind of action. Don't worry about getting to the bar early and finishing up by eleven o'clock because people are just warming up at that time. If you're feeling naughty then try a 'mad dog' - but beware, it may be the last drink you have all night!

Reviews about Top 16 Poznan Bars & Clubs

Nice place in the center of the city


Great place to visit!!! People great !!food and beers thumbs up!!

United States,

Fantastic pub with good beer and nice atmosphere.


It was empty at peak drinking time

United Kingdom,

The Best :)

Cuba Libre

Great place, friendly owner and English speaking staff. The only place in Poznan that seems capable of using "streams". Scum lost too! ;-) Thanks

United Kingdom,
BSA Sport Pub

El mejor Club de Poznan

Cuba Libre

Sweet bar had a blast to bad there was no band there the night our pub Krawl hit it..

Lizard King

great place, seems like harry potter castle to me

United States,

Top bar, top staff, top owner....a good place to listen to music, get drunk till the early hours and chat up beautiful women who could be your daughters......

United Kingdom,
Lizard King