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Well we promised you a better Poznan map and here it is... the all new Poznan Life 'interactive map', with just a little help from our friends at Google. Using this spanking new feature of ours should prove a real treat, as with a flick of a switch you can display the exact locations of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, museums and more in Poznan. Perfect for first time visitors to the city!

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United Kingdom

This map is good but would be a whole lot better if you added more markers to it. There are quite a few cool bars and restaurants missing....

Apr 14th, 2011
United Kingdom

What about the other stations on Poznan?

Apr 28th, 2009
United States

Turn this damn feedback form off!!!

Jan 12th, 2009
United Kingdom


Dec 2nd, 2008
Jerome Moretto
United States

please add the train station and taxi info, plus private tour operators. That would be helpful. Thanks for your great map. Jerry

Jun 10th, 2007