Poznan Weather

What's the weather in Poznan like?

The weather in western Poland can vary dramatically within a single day, and especially between the seasons. While in general the summers are warm, with temperatures mainly staying in the mid to high 20s, it's best to bring a jacket or warm sweater even in July, because the nights can get pretty chilly, and a freak thunderstorm can always put a damper on your outdoor plans if you don't have an umbrella. Autumn sets in around September, and through November you can expect slightly cool temperatures, though the snow usually doesn't arrive until winter comes storming in at the end of November or beginning of December. While a white Christmas is the norm, the snow can stay on the ground all the way through March during an especially cold winter, so be sure to pack that winter coat and gloves. Spring is beautiful in Poznan, though still a bit chilly, so check the forecast to see if the weather is more winter or summer-like before going. For forecasts in other parts of Poland check out our pages on Krakow weather and Gdansk weather.


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I was living in Poznan and i must say that for my life style is the best city all over the world, great people, many things to do to go to see, culture, very close to all europe. Amazing.I hope to gp back and stay there the rest of my life.From mexico best regards.

Feb 5th, 2013
Diane Scarlett
United Kingdom

on our visits to poznan in the past we have always had really good weather. End october usually and only needed a coat at night.

Oct 16th, 2011
United Kingdom

I've just moved here and I like Poznan but so far the weather has not been great! Everyone tells me it is excellent int eh summer - let's see!

Apr 14th, 2011