Taxis in Ljubljana

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Litijska 16

2. Taxi Metro

19 reviews
Nusdorferjeva ulica 15

3. Taxi Laguna

7 reviews
ZaloŇ°ka 151

4. Taxi Elit

0 reviews
Kamniska ulica 25

5. Taxi Rondo

1 review

Reviews about Taxis in Ljubljana

Bad athmosphere at the begining:

Taxi Metro

We booked a car to pick us up in Ljubljana, but needed to cancel ride on short notice. We got full prepaid amount back with no questions asked, even that they were not obligated under their terms. Very client friendly and understanding company.

Airtrail Slovenia

Very good airport transfers service in Slovenia!

Airtrail Slovenia

Very useful during COVID 19 lockdown. Helped me a lot getting my daughter home.

Airtrail Slovenia

Waiting for one hour and guy at dispatch center was very rude. don't use it, use instead Rondo or Laguna taxi

Taxi Metro

Great service!

United States,
Taxi Rondo

Not possible to call !

Taxi Laguna

The Taxidriver was very unfriendly, he doesn't go out of the car and help us with our luggages. He was a nazi, he hears nazisongs when we drive with him. We will never book this company again!!

Taxi Laguna

Thank you, arranged by email, and all taxis on time, and there despite our late flight arrival. Very pleased with the service and can recommend.

United Kingdom,
Airtrail Slovenia

Not good

Taxi Laguna