Balice Airport: New Trains, Tracks, and Terminal

Krakow citizens have been gossiping about that construction for a very long time before it actually happened. No wonder, because the development of Krakow Airport was a huge investment worth over one billion zloty. Its effect is a brand-new airport terminal with a garage parking and a Hilton Garden Inn hotel. The terminal boasts a full range of services, including ATMs, shops, restaurants, a viewpoint and even a chapel.

After over 1.5-year break, the National Railway (PKP) resumed the train connection between the platforms Krakow Glowny and Balice Airport. This means an end to the previous troublesome shuttles, because the passengers are dropped off very close to the terminal. Now, you can get from the main train station to the new Balice airport terminal in only 18 minutes with a speed of 80km/h.

The entire 12-kilometre railway to the airport was modernised, and eco-friendly electric locomotives replaced the outdated diesels. All platforms were adapted to the needs of the disabled, as well as parents travelling with children. Tickets (8 zloty in 2015) are available on-board at the conductor or in the ticket offices.

With time, the shuttle train will operate on a frequent timetable, with a train running every 30 minutes between 4 am and midnight, at fixed times. Trains will be departing the platform 3 of the Krakow Glowny Station at 5 and 35 minutes past the hour, and back from Krakow Balice Airport at 16 and 46 minutes past the hour.

The investment turned out a benefit for local citizens as well, as three additional stops (Mlynowka, Zakliki and Olszanica) have been added to the Krakow network. The investment also included two additional railway bridges: one over Balicka St and another over Armii Krajowej St, which provide safe and efficient communication in the city.


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