Polish Your Polish With Read Krk

The third round of Read KRK! (Czytaj KRK!) project has just kicked off. Yes, it is the third time when you can get a free access to 10 e-books in Polish (only bestsellers and latest titles!) by using your mobile. Read KRK! project is designed mainly to boost reading among young people, but it’s also addressed to those who already have great love of books and don’t mind to replace traditional, paper ones with tablets or mobile readers. How to participate? In order to take a part in the project, download mobile app Czytaj KRK, available in App Store or Google Play. Then, look all over Krakow for QR codes  that, when scanned, allow downloading a free e-book. The codes can be found  on tram stops, posters, in cafes and so on. The full list of locations available on www.qr.miastoliteratury.pl. Let’s scan, let’s read! It’s the best way to cheer up in autumn!

Below is the list of books taking part in third edition of Read KRK:

The Psychopath Test [Czy jesteś psychopatą] – Jon Ronson 
B is for Bauhaus [B jak Bauhaus. Alfabet współczesności] – Deyan Sudjic 
Morphine [Morphine] – Szczepan Twardoch
Love Is the Cure: On Life, Loss, and the End of AIDS [Miłość jest lekarstwem. O życiu, pomaganiu i stracie]  –  Elton John 
Kto to Pani zrobił? [Who Did This To You?] – Agata Passent
Staś i Nel [Staś and Nel] – Leszek Talko
Holyfood – Szymon Hołownia
Asymetria [Assymetry] – Adam Zagajewski
Bursztynowa dziewczyna. Anna Jantar we wspomnieniach [The Amber Girl. Anna Jantar Commemmorated] – Mariola Pryzwan
Na granicy zmysłów [On the Verge of Senses] – Przemek Kossakowski


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