No Smogging In Krakow, Please. Mayor Indignated

Krakows air is unique it kills ca. 400 residents of the city. Say no and sign a petition, says one of bold slogans of Krakow wants to breathe sharp, controversy-stirring social campaign, recently criticized by the mayor.
Posters with residents of Krakow wearing oxygen masks is an appeal for reducing smog level in Krakow. Main slogan in English, No Smogging, Please, is clearly visible at each of them; information about air pollution mimic promotion slogans used for promoting Krakow abroad.
However, the town hall is scowling at such methods: - We appreciate the social activists efforts in informing the residents of Krakow about smog related health issues, however it cant be done at the cost of Krakows image said Filip Szatanik, a spokesman for the City Council, stressing that there is no need to inform tourists about this problem in English, as they are not the ones to blame for this situation.
The town hall fears the negative image will negatively influence the citys income, grossly based on tourism. If we ourselves advertise our city as the most polluted in Europe, we will all lose wrote the mayor on Facebook.
Wojciech Kotala, a head of Schulz Brand Friendly, the company behind the campaign replied, that posters contain no layouts in English that would discredit Krakow. The aim is to reach all Krakowians, also expat communities, Kotala said.


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