Krakow and Zakopane Together for Winter Olympic Games 2022

Cultural and winter capitals apply together for Olympic splendor. The Minister of Sports, Joanna Mucha has announced the government will support the candidacy of the city's duo in their struggle to become host cities of Winter Olympic Games 2022.
In autumn this year Krakow will officially apply for organization of the event. Now the draft organization plans and calculations are being discussed with the government, and the Ministry of Finance.
It is rumored that Krakow's rivals will be Barcelona, Oslo, Sankt Moritz; possibly also Lviv and Nice. The final selection of the host city will take place in January 2015.
In the worst scenario we have 20 percent chances, but the very fact of applying is also important, as we will be heard of by the whole world, said Jacek Krupa, a member of the Malopolska Voyvodship Board, responsible for sports and tourism. If Krakow gets to organize the event, both the investment and promotion profit will be enormous, said Krupa.
Local authorities of Krakow and Malopolska region are very positive about Krakow's candidacy, despite the expenses (est. 5 billion zlotys) and hope for the government to invest in transport and communication in the region and new job posts, not to mention great publicity worldwide.


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