Gov't Saves Krakow Festivals?

Due to budget cuts this year Krakow was to host only a limited number of cultural festivals and music events. The news stirred first a number of protests, as many of Krakow's events have already got to the cultural top in this part of Europe, e.g. Unsound or Misteria Paschalia. However, as it now turns out, many of the withdrawn cultural projects have been highly assessed in a Ministry of Culture grant contest, and it seems they will be back on the city's cultural scene after all.
Co-financed by the Ministry will be, among others, the Six Senses cycle festivals, organized by the Krakow Festival Bureau. The total subsidy amounts to 1.5 million zlotys, with the most substantial grant in history, 600 0000 zlotys, going to Sacrum Profanum festival. According to Izabela Helbin, the head of KFB, there is no news so far concerning Art.Boom and Music Festival, also belonging to the Six Senses cycle, however Helbin expressed her confidence in the positive decision of the Ministry
Other cultural events subsided by the Ministry are: the Unsound, Krakow Jazz Autumn, Music in Old Krakow</>, Audio Art, and Rozstaje, a Traditional Music Festival.


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