National Rugby Center in Krakow?

Erecting the National Rugby Center in Krakow is to launch next year in Lubocza, Nowa Huta district, including two pitches and a supply base. Its cost is to be almost 8 million zlotys, and the investment will be co-funded by the Ministry of Sports. The facility, apart from availability to local rugby team and youths of Nowa Huta, is to host training session of all-Poland rugby team.
The proposal was highly criticized by the opposition, as Krakow's budget is already severely depleted and the residents are burdened with yet new fee raises and budget cuts.
The officials claim the investment has been planned in previous years. Krzysztof Folc, the coach for all-national rugby team is very pleased. "The site will be our home, we will be visiting it very often. Its completion will mark a new chapter in Polish rugby history" he said.


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