Ryanair Chose Krakow as Base

By April 2013 Krakow is to become the 2nd Polish, and 53rd European base city for Ryanair, the biggest economy airline in Europe, with two new planes stationing in Krakow airport, Balice. Ryanair will also launch 4 new connections: to Dortmund, Gteborg, Manchester and Kos and invest 140,000,000 $ in the development of Balice airport.
Krakow magistrate has long been making efforts to attract economy airline carrier and promote airline transport. "Ryanair's 1.6 million passengers a year is ca. 1600 job posts in Krakow" said Michael Cawley, the Deputy Chairman of Ryanair.
"Our efforts to launch a base for major European airline carrier has been successful at last. To fulfill criteria, the airport had to meet numerous requirements, and finally won the competition with other airports. Currently Ryanair is our biggest business partner" stressed Jan Pamuła, the Chairman of Krakow Airport.
Krakow's authorities hope that launching Ryanair's base will increase tourism in Malopolska region and respectively, the region's income, and for its residents, broaden the choice of attractive destinations.


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