Krakow Again Breaks Record in Tourism

Nearly 9 million tourists visited Krakow in 2012, spending a total of 3.5 million zlotys, reports Malopolska Tourist Organization in its annual report.
This year Krakow was visited by 6 600 000 domestic, and 2 350 000 foreign guests, with 77% of them being tourists. This is 340,000 more than last year. Their sheer expenditure, without transport and previously paid accommodation, was 3.5 billion zlotys.
Among foreign guests, the dominant nationalities were British (26,17%), German (13%), Italian (9,4%), French (9%), Spanish (8,5%) and Russian (5,9%).
"What is really important is the fact, that despite a very difficult situation of European tourism, we managed to keep the growth tendency and attract more and more tourists every year" said Magdalena Sroka, the Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Promotion, and stressed the result is an outcome of mutual cooperation between the city's magistrate, the Malopolska Marshall Office, the airport and all organizations and persons involved in tourism.
Both Polish and foreign tourists highly evaluated the city's atmosphere, hospitality of its residents, as well as cultural events and entertainment. 91% percent of them said they would recommend Krakow to their acquaintances.


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No, unfortunately not:) I don't think the survey goes that far:) Thx 4 appreciation and hope to see U in Krk soon

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alan stewart dillon
United Kingdom

Very Intersting .Do you know what % 0f visitors were Scottish.

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