Christmas Fair Kicks Off

Gingerbread "szopka" (traditional nativity scene), carolling, concerts, shows, and most of all - the biggest concentration of Christmas gifts per meter square in Krakow! Christmas Fair, located at the very heart of the Royal City of Krakow, has become one of the symbols of incoming season of good joy for all.
Krakow's Market Square has been hosting Christmas fairs since ages, though the form we know now they took on just before WW II. Contemporary Christmas Fairs are enjoyed by both locals and tourists, as a great opportunity to feel the Christmas spirit of the old.
This year in 60 stalls available will be e.g. hand made glass balls and all sorts of Christmas decorations, apart from ceramics, glass, wood, wool and cloth handicraft, not to mention jewelry, postcards, calendars and other souvenirs. Sellers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, and UK will also present their local specialities.
The Fair will be opened till Dec.26.


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