November Itinerary Revolution

New tram line to Jagiellonian University's 3rd Campus and a major reorganization of bus and tram lines. The changes have been implemented last Saturday, yet it is Monday that always ultimately tests all public transport novelties.
Good news is that after several years night trams came back on Krakow's tracks, bad - all re-visitors to Krakow and most of all, its residents will now have to learn new itinerary. Five trams lines have been totally cancelled, ten have been redirected to new routes. Even more changes have been introduced in bus lines.
This is the first major interference in Krakow's itinerary since 1999. Its aim is to introduce a system of changes and to increase departure frequency of trams, even every 3-4 minutes, thus decrease the amount of their delays within the city center.
Reforming the itinerary is but one of many changes the city has prepared. The others are extending the paid parking zone and bumping up prices of tickets, the proposed price is 3 zł for a 15-minute one (today 2 zł), 4 zł for a half hour/one ride ticket (now 3,2 zł). These ideas have not been decided yet, as they arouse discontent among residents of Krakow.

See new public transport map here

On line timetable of Krakow's trams and buses - see here


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