Kijów cinema celebrates 45th birthday

The characteristic late neo-expressionist, modernistic exterior of this largest cinema in Krakow, has already became a landmark. Built in 1967, KijwKino Kijw was big enough to host even a congress of the People's Party of Poland, the then ruling force in the country.
The building was designed by Prof. Witold Cęckiewicz, the designer of the non-existent nearby hotel, Cracovia, and the interior, refers to 1960's fascination with space travels, by Krystyna Strachocka Zgud. Kijw's rear wall includes a mosaic, completed in secret by the Professor and the construction crew, despite the authorities' ban.
Initially the cinema could accommodate 921 spectators. The first film screened in Kijw was War and Peace was seen by 230,000 people, and Gone with the Wind - by over 800,000.
Though years have passed, Kino Kijw.Centrum is still the biggest cinema showroom in Malopolska region, hosting such renowned events as OFF PLUS CAMERA Festival, IDA World Championship, Krakow's Film Festival and many others.
A jubilee weekend's (8-11.11) special is the reduced price of tickets for latest premieres, such as e.g. Skyfall - only 11 zlotys.


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