Meet the real life Wawel dragon!

The tale of the dragon that terrorised Krakow until a wily craftsman tricked it into eating an explosive lamb stuffed with sulphur has long been part of the fabric of the city's legend. Now it's come a little closer to reality, as the remains of a previously unknown dinosaur have been given the official name Smok Wawelski - the Dragon of Wawel. The bones of the beast were discovered in Silesia in 2008, and painstaking research taking four years has revealed that the dinosaur hunters had indeed made a brand new discovery. Because the fossils were found in Poland, the honour of naming the creature fell to Polish paleontologists... and there was never really any doubt about what that name would be. Experts believe that the real life Smok Wawelski was some six metres long. That would make it the king of Central Europe, as the biggest predator in the region at the time.


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