The ideal weight for a lady?

'How much do you weigh?' a question that, after 'how old are you?', few would dare to ask of a lady... but the weight of Krakow's most famous dame has been publicised - and it's 650 grams. The lady in question is Leonardo da Vinci's painting 'Lady With an Ermine', currently on display at Wawel Castle after a tour of Europe. The picture was weighed for the first time, as part of the post-tour analysis of the condition of the priceless work of art. Art specialists also discovered that the original background to the picture was grey, rather than grey-blue, as previously thought. The experts also discovered that the board on which the picture was painted had become slightly warped with age, but said that overall it was in good condition, and had not been damaged during its travels, which as well as Europe have taken it to the United States.


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