Don't Miss a Match!

There are just five days to go, and Krakow is a veritable beehive of activity and excitement. We refer of course to the European football championships, which kicks off in Warsaw on June 8, at 6pm, when Poland will play Greece in the opening match. Poland and Ukraine are co-hosting the tournament, and although Krakow doesn't have any games, there will be plenty to do and a real party atmosphere. Blonia meadows is being transformed into a fan zone, where you can eat, drink, and cheer on your team on massive screens. You might choose to buy a VIP package, for 250zl - or really push the boat out and spend 1500zl on the excellence package (see for information). However, you will be able to enter the fan zone free, and watch the matches. It will be open from June 8 to July 1, on match days from 4pm to the end of the games, and on other days from noon to 6pm. You can also catch the matches on the big screens in the tent outside the main railway station. And, of course, you'd be hard pressed to find a bar in the city that hasn't hauled in a TV set of some kind to show the games. All you have to do is turn up and cheer!


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