Enter the Dragons

Dragons and knights, lords and ladies, princesses and princes they will all be in Krakow on June 2 and 3, for the 12th Grand Dragon Parade. This festival of the fantastic is organised annually by the Groteska Theatre, an organisation that regularly wins awards for innovation in performance, visuals and puppetry. All of the events are free to enter, and regularly attract thousands of visitors. On the first day of the parade, June 2, will be the main event. Dragons, some 25 metres long, will parade along the river against a backdrop of fireworks, lasers and music, and the river bank beneath Wawel Castle will be given a carnival makeover, with stalls selling gifts and refreshments. It is possible to purchase tickets in the VIP area to see the show, for 15zl each, but most visitors choose to pick a spot on the bridges or the river bank and watch from there, for free. Then, on June 3, there will be a courtly parade along ul. Grodzka to the Main Square in Krakow - with knights, princesses and more. Judging of the Lord and Lady of the Manor will take place in the Square at 2pm, while there will be prizes for those who have made the best model dragons, at 2.30pm. For more information, visit Groteska.pl.


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