Honouring the Heroes of Nowa Huta

The Communist-built town of Nowa Huta has been granted a special place in Krakows annual calendar, after the city council nominated April 30 Nowa Huta Day. The resolution was supported by politicians from across the spectrum, and will recognise the unique character of the workers town which was created after the second world war as a laboratory of the new man. The council wanted to celebrate the strong stand against authoritarian rule which it said had been shown by three generations of Nowa Huta residents, and to mark their fierce protection of independence of thought, liberty, and loyalty to national traditions. Councillor Robert Pajdo, representing the party Civic Platform (PO), told the Polish Press Agency: The proposed date is a symbolic reference to important events in the history of Nowa Huta. We commemorate all those people who fought so that we can live in a free Poland. For Law and Justice (PiS), Councillor Adam Kalita added: "With this resolution we note that the district created as a counterweight to Krakow was the site of greatest resistance against the Communists, and the people should pay homage to that. During this day - April 30 - we want to make young people aware that the story is important not only for them and their parents, but also for our city and for the Polish people."


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