Triumphant return for the lady

One of Krakow's most valuable and treasured works of art has returned home from a European tour in fine shape, according to experts at the city branch of the National Museum. Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine visited London, Berlin and Madrid, and in every city she drew the attention of tens of thousands of viewers. Some art experts were worried that the journey might be too much for the grand dame of Polish art. However, a post-inspection report by the conservation workers at the National Museum showed that transport, packing and atmospheric conditions had been carefully monitored and controlled throughout the painting's European adventure, and as a result the picture arrived back in Krakow with no damage. The next step will be for a new home to be chosen for the picture. A venue in Krakow will be selected, which will protect the painting and allow as many people as possible to view it. The picture will then stay in Krakow for at least ten years before going on tour again.


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