And the winners are...

Forget about the Oscars, these are the awards that count in Krakow, year on year. We refer of course to the Cracow-life Best Places accolade - an honour bestowed only on the chosen few each year, and decided on the basis of comments from the best possible judges in the world, their customers. This year, as ever, it's been a tough job to select Krakow's creme de la creme, and the competition has been fierce.
But finally, we can announce that the winners are:
Greenway, Marmolada, Dominikanska 2, Aperitif, Metropolitan

Antique Apartments, Hotel Ester, Hotel Copernicus, Hotel Maltanski, Radisson Blu Hotel

Cafe Camelot, Nic Nowego, Pod Papugami, Coco Music Club, English Football Club

Cruising Krakow, Wizzair, Polski Hairdressers, Jean Louis David, Fitness Mlyn

Filharmonia Krakowska, Alchemia, MOCAK, MCK, Opera Krakowska

Empik, Ciu Ciu, Mulholland Drive, Galeria Plakatu, Galeria Kazimierz


not shown