Don't Buy, Adopt!

Animal welfare workers have teamed up with an advertising agency in Krakow to help prevent a seasonal rush in homelessness - among dogs. Krakow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KTOZ) launched its campaign before Christmas, urging people not to give dogs as gifts. Under the slogan A Dog is for Life, not Just for Christmas, the campaign aimed to remind shoppers that a pet was a long-term commitment. Now the society has gone one step further, working with the advertising agency Unique Urban Media to drive home their message for the new year. Unique Urban is the firm behind the A4 sized ashtrays fixed to outside walls near the entrances of many bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants in Krakow. The company is allowing the KTOZ to use reklamiczka - advertising ashtray - space to spread the message 'Don't Buy - Adopt'. The KTOZ/Unique Urban initiative will run for six weeks. In all, the ashtrays will be at 108 locations in Krakow Old Town, Kazimierz and Podgrze, and 18 in nearby Bochnia.


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