Welcome, one and all!

Krakow has so far welcomed 8.6 million visitors this year, from all corners of the globe - who between them have spent almost 3 billion zloty during their stay.
Research by the Office of the City of Krakow Malopolska Tourist Organisation shows that this is nearly half a million more than visited the city last year, and yet more are expected in December as Poles and foreigners flock to Krakow to celebrate Christmas in traditional Polish style.
Most of the tourists who have visited Krakow this year have come from other parts of Poland. 2.1 million were from abroad, with a fifth of these from the UK. However, the British contingent was smaller this year than in 2010 - when 26 per cent of visitors came from the UK. Germany, Spain, Italy and France were next in order of numbers, while Russians, Americans, Irish and Israelis also featured strongly.


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Reply Dec 3rd, 2023


Reply Dec 3rd, 2023