Football's coming... to Krakow

Brace yourself, Krakow the football party to end all football parties is set to hit the city next June, following the announcement that two national teams are considering training and living here during the Euro 2012 tournament.
England and Holland are both looking at Krakow as their base for the event, staying at top hotels in the city centre. They are likely to train at the Wisła and Hutnik stadiums. No games are planned for Krakow or the Małopolska region, so both teams will have to travel to get to their matches. However, with the teams based in the city, many fans from both nations will choose to make the Krakow and neighbouring resorts such as Zakopane, their base too. Polish fixtures will be played in Gdansk, Poznan, Wrocław and Warsaw. In Ukraine, matches will be held in Lviv, Kharkiv, Kiev and Donetsk.
The expected influx of football fans means that Krakows hotels, bars, restaurants and other tourist services are set for a major economic boost. Thats as long as both teams make it past the first round of the tournament...


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