Go Digital!

So its a dilemma. You want to see some of the best new movies in sparking digital and eyeball bashing 3D but really cant bring yourself to patronise the soulless glass and metal boxes that pass for multiplexes these days. Now Krakow has the answer, as its famous independent cinema in the heart of the city has embraced the digital era to bring selected movies to the viewing public in the most up to date formats possible. Kino pod Baranami wins awards all over the place, and is generally considered to be one of the best little independent cinemas in Europe. The new kit recently installed means that its likely to win a few more awards and a lot more recognition. And, if youre a traditionalist or simply like Baranami the way it was, dont worry. The cinema will still be showing many films in ye olde style, and the programme will continue to be as broad, inspiring and challenging as it ever was.


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