The New Normal

What is normal? Well, whatever it was yesterday, it's about to get an overhaul, as expert speakers from the worlds of finance, science, the arts and design converge on Krakow for a series of talks that break the boundaries of everyday lives and bring change for the better. It's an independently organised TED event - a non-profit organisation with a single aim: to spread great ideas worth sharing. The organisation is a global body, which has sparked hundreds of events such as this week's Krakow extravaganza, and helped individuals with ideas that could change the world to put their plans into practice. This year, the Krakow TEDx event will feature speakers such as Edward Lucas, of the Economist Magazine, Marcin Strzelecki, of the Academy of Music, heart implant inventor Tal Golesworthy, neurobiologist Jerzy Vetulani (don't miss this one - he will speak about the inner workings of the brains of politicians), design expert Matt Marsh, and more. The event will be at Krakow's Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology, on October 20. See the website for the full programme.


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