Extravaganza overload

Do you have the energy to keep up with three massive festivals that begin in Krakow this week - marking the half-way point of Poland's six-month stint in the EU presidential seat? It all kicks off on October 6, with the official launch of the Krakow Theatrical Reminiscences revue. Cue a week of performances from the cutting edge of imagination, comedy, drama, and dance - featuring performers from 45 countries and premieres galore. There's no resting up, as the following day is the start of the prestigious World Press Photo exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki, showcasing the work of award-winning photojournalists until October 28. Sleep is a no-no from October 8, as the Unsound Festival hits the city, tearing apart established ideas of film, music and a whole lot more with a programme that runs pretty much round the clock until October 15.


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