Mel Gibson to play Polish King?!

Reports have emerged that Mel 'Madmax' Gibson has been approached to play King Jan Sobieski in an epic movie about the 1683 Siege of Vienna.

Wroclaw-based producer Mariusz Bielak would like Gibson to both star in and direct the picture, and he is optimistic that the Australian maverick will come on board:

'All the signs show that he is interested in this project and its theme', Bielak was quoted as saying in Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza. "It's his cup of tea.'

The film, which has a working title of Victoria (The Victory), is being billed as the most lavish Polish film of all time, with predicted costs running to 120 million zl. That's six times more costly than 'Quo Vadis', which currently holds the national record.

The script has already been completed by celebrated screenwriter Cezary Harasimowicz. The writer became transfixed by the material, and he promises heady sub-plots involving spies, intrigue and of course, the oft-chronicled romance between Sobieski and his French Queen:

'Jan III Sobieski was a charismatic figure' Harasimowicz told GW .' He was a great strategist, a phenomenal knight, and to cap it all, head over heels in love with his wife. This is the kind of figure that Mel Gibson played in 'Braveheart'. But this is a less tragic role - Sobieski triumphed.'

Polish talkboards reveal that Mel Gibson is not universally supported as the man who would be king. One site has launched a thread entitled 'SAY NO TO MEL GIBSON AS JAN SOBIESKI!!!! NO!!' Those logging on have wryly voiced their excitement at watching 'the best comedy of the year.'

Although devotees of Polish history see little resemblance between Gibbo and the portly Polish King, realists concur that Gibson is indeed a figure who could make the project a salable quantity. That said, they would prefer to see Gibson stay behind the camera, rather than parade in front of it.

The Siege of Vienna is regarded by historians as a turning point in European History. The Catholic Alliance - led by the Polish King - saw off the Turkish threat to Central Europe.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in Poland in 2008. Watch this space for more info!

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United Kingdom

I think Its a great idea! Braveheart was a great movie and this might be even better. Looking forward to see it, cause Polish history is a very interesting one, especially from that century.

Reply Apr 11th, 2010
United States

I think Mel Gibson would be great as the director of the film, Victoria, but I would prefer to see a Polish citizen play the lead role! It is after all, Polish history, and the lead character is Polish. There are expectations as to what he looked like, and I would find it easier to get caught up in the story if Mel Gibson was not playing Sobieski; please!

Reply Apr 4th, 2010
United States

What is the story of this picture. It would be great and Mel would be awesome in it. Also, Viggio Mortenson would be good as well as Sobieski.

Reply Jun 10th, 2009
United Kingdom

I think there are some minority groups that hate Polish people and will do anything to disrespect and discredit any Polish achievements. That’s why it’s taking so long for this movie to be made.

Reply Nov 12th, 2008

The movie is a KICK ASS idea. Mel Gibson is the best actor for the part. Yet why is it taking so long to be made?

Reply Nov 12th, 2008
Mike B
United Kingdom

Is Mel Gibson really suited to this role? I gave up on him after his distasteful anti-Semitic comments last year. Suprised any film studio would touch him with a bargepole! Interesting project, though!

Reply Jan 2nd, 2008

Wonderful! It will be the same or more succesful movie if there is Mr.Gibson. God bless Mr. Gibson Ad honorem Jesu!!!

Reply Jan 2nd, 2008