Queen Tallulah!

After a light dash of torture and the odd bribe here and there, Cracow Life walked away with bronze medal for this year's International Soup Festival. We will be opening our new venture, 'Le Tres Bon Cracow Life Restaurant', before the end of June.

Seriously though, a big, big thanks to all the citizens who were so positive about out soupy creation - it's a lovely and unexpected surprise that we picked up any kind of medal at all.

Cracow Life's green 'Tallulah Soup' was a variation on a classic Thai Soup, with a few secret ingredients thrown in. CL's Marta Firlet-Bradshaw spent many nervous hours in the kitchen, umming and ahhing about whether she'd thrown the right balance of spices into the cauldron. When the big day came, crowds of eager epicures descended on Plac Nowy to see which was the tastiest soup of them all. Yes, we were a tad jittery....

The Festival Jury, led by the inimitable Robert Maklowicz, sampled some 37 different soups, ranging from the classic Polish Zurek to entirely original concoctions from Cracow's restaurant chefs. First prize went to Moment Cafe for their delectable olive number, followed by Edo Sushi Bar, who whipped up a fantastic Oriental broth by the name of 'Kim Chi Jige.' Cracow Life nipped into third place with the tangy Tallulah surprise.

The revelry carried on late in to the night on Plac Nowy, long after all the soups had been guzzled up. Suffice it to say that beer became the liquid of choice after the soupy options ran out.

A big, big thank you once again to everyone who was so enthusiastic about our Tallulah Soup. We'll be scouring the forests for magical ingredients to brew up next year....!


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