A Cheesy Tale

The legendary 'oscypek' highland cheese has joined the ranks of such venerable gastronomic specialties as champagne, parma ham and stilton cheese, after winning a patent from the European Union.

The rubbery ewe's cheese, which is peculiar to the Tatra mountains, is best described as an acquired taste, and many first-timers struggle to eat the stuff. Cracow Life are firm fans, and we particularly recommend frying it (oscypek is surprisingly good with Nachos).

Oscypek nearly came a cropper in recent times, when some affiliates of the Union of Tatra Commons welcomed a delegation from the European Union to Zakopane. The vast majority of the cheese is made privately in little mountain huts, and these hearty set ups were so far removed from the ideals of the suited and booted EU fellows that the cheese was nearly banned outright.

However, all seems well for now. An agreement has been hammered out confirming the Slovakian cheese-makers over the border may call their version 'osciepok' whilst the Polish Tatrans have unequivocal ownership of the name 'oscypek.' Other European countries have 6 months to protest the decision, although complaints are unlikely.

The big question remains - does the Polish cheese have a chance of catching on in French or British supermarkets? Much as we love the stuff, we're not holding our breath. But then again, stranger things have happened at sea. Perhaps, somewhere high in the misty mountains, a budding cheesemeister is formulating his plan for world domination. Brace Yourself!


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