Mid-range Hotels in Krakow

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ul. Przedwiośnie 16

1. Hotel Wilga

17 reviews
ul. Bożego Ciała 19

2. Hotel Regent

20 reviews
ul. Rzemieślnicza 4
ul. Pijarska 17

4. Hotel Polski

36 reviews
pl. Na Groblach 22

5. Hotel Pod Wawelem

19 reviews
ul. Miodowa 16

6. Hotel Kazimierz

35 reviews
ul. Westerplatte 15

7. Hotel Wyspianski

44 reviews
ul. Przy Rondzie 2

8. Hotel Chopin

28 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 30

9. Hotel Mikolaj

13 reviews
ul. Grodzka 11

10. Hotel Jan

23 reviews
ul. Szlak 33

11. Hotel Old Time

4 reviews
ul. Bałuckiego 6

12. U Pana Cogito

5 reviews
ul. Szujskiego 5

13. Hotel Logos

7 reviews
ul. Poselska 22

14. Hotel Wawel

18 reviews
ul. Wielopole 3

15. Hotel Wielopole

17 reviews
ul. św. Gertrudy 26-29

16. Hotel Royal

26 reviews

Reviews about Mid-range Hotels in Krakow

Good to know if this hotel has a safe in their rooms and the cost of use.

United Kingdom,
Hotel Regent

Hello customer service from Wojtek was fantastic unfortunately we had to cancel booking.

Hotel Regent

Charming hotel, great location, friendly staff.

United Kingdom,
Hotel Regent

Very good location. Rooms nice and clean. Great staff.

United Kingdom,
Hotel Regent

świetna lokalizacja, czyste pokoje, smaczne śniadanie, miły personel

Hotel Regent

Way more than expected! Room was modern, clean, very comfy. It took 10min to get to the historic centre of Krakow by bus and a few minutes by taxi. The cost of taxi was less than 5€. Breakfasts were great with wide choice of warm food. We booked by hotel website and we were offered a welcome drink which was only a beer or wine.

Apis Hotel

The five star experience is not about facilities or gyms or anything like that. It is all about the great location and the fantastic people who work here. Nowhere will you get such a warm welcome as you receive from this friendly team. I've stayed here five or six times and people here, no matter what their job, are great!

United Kingdom,
Hotel Regent

Właśnie wróciłam z dwudniowego pobytu w Krakowie. Hotel Regent jest w świetnej lokalizacji z przemiłą obsługą i atmosferą.

Hotel Regent

We had a wedding venue there. What a lovely place and nice staff!

Dwor w Tomaszowicach

Just a short walk around the park with my girlfriend + coffee in a beautiful restaurant. I really loved this place!

United Kingdom,
Dwor w Tomaszowicach