3 questions re gym, shipping, and work

Hi All, I have a few quick questions, and any feedback is appreciated: 1. Can anyone recommend a good, centrally-located and relatively inexpensive gym? I'm taking public transit while in Kraków so close to a tram stop would be awesome. 2. I have a pile of stuff to ship to Canada, and every so often I have to ship things back here. Does anyone know of a good container shipping service, or of any other good shipping options? Slow shipping is fine, but large volume and not breaking the bank are necessities. :) 3. What sort of work do expats typically find here in Kraków? I'm guessing there are English teachers, but is anyone else working in a different capacity and how is the job market in general? I'm a programmer myself.... Thanks! Rob

- Posted by robert from Poland on Aug 25th, 2010

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