Blackberry 9000 Bold

Hi! I have been to a lot of stores in Cracow (including Saturn in Galeria Krakowska) in the search of a Blackberry 9000 Bold mobile phone. Do anyone know where I can get it? Thanks

- Posted by storhode from Poland on Aug 13th, 2010

I would recommend checking on Allegro (, it's the Polish version of eBay and the best place to find high-end phones.

- Posted by bildungsr0man from Poland on Aug 16th, 2010

BlackBerry's aren't that popular yet in Poland and are also rather expensive here! Allegro is a good place to check out, but I'd say that your best bet is actually to head to somewhere like the UK. BlackBerry are really popular there now and so prices are becoming more competitive to compete with other handsets on the market. Enjoy! Legendary!

- Posted by legendary from Poland on Aug 19th, 2010

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