Certified Translator Needed...

I need to get some official documents translated from Polish to English my a certified translator for my US Visa. Does anyone know where there is a place where I can get this done? Thanks.

- Posted by jacksonry from Poland on Jul 8th, 2010

I strongly recommend this company for any traslation needs you may have: dr Jacek Gurgul Biuro Tłumaczeń "PAROLA" ul. Halicka 10/11, lok. 303 31-036 Kraków tel/fax: +48 12 429 49 11 tel. +48 607 24 2006 tel. +48 601 86-98-72 skype: biurotlumaczenparola gg: 4029503 www.parola.com.pl

- Posted by j10now from Poland on Jul 9th, 2010

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