Apartments with parking

Dear Lester, Can I pass on my experience of parking in Krakow. We have just returned from a visit to Cracow. We also brought an expensive car from London, but don't worry on that score, your vehicles will be fine in Cracow. Parking however is a nightmare. If you are in one of the city centre apartments, as we were in ulica Slawkowska, just off the main square, you will find yourself in the zone A where only residents displaying a resident's parking permit (mieskania) can park where the P sign allows it. However there are plenty of parking spaces in Zone B, just a short walk away. You can park here all day. You have to pay from 10.00am till 6pm , and outside these hours, parking is free.A day's parking will cost about 27pln ( about £5.50) There is a good car park at the top of ulica Spitalna, which is supervised overnight ( but beware- the supervision is by a local drunk who is the mate of the concierge of the hotel opposite.) However I parked there safely all weekend, and several nights running, but competition for spaces is keen. If you really want peace of mind, can I suggest you contact Hotel Sheraton on Powisle, near Wawel. They have a huge underground private carpark with gated access, and 24hr security and cameras. They will charge approx £70 for a week's parking, but it may be worthwhile.I've driven there several times and have experience of both these methods. If you park in the residents' zone A at a P sign, you may be unlucky, and get a ticket, but the fine is only 50-pln (about £10,) which is not the end of the world, and in any event they cannot enforce it against you as an international visitor, so they write it off. They do not clamp or tow- so it is not really as bad as it looks. Good luck with your visit. Rogerdan.

- Posted by rogerdan from Poland on Jun 10th, 2010

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