New to Krakow

Hi, just found a nice studio apartment, been approved for a visa to stay a while and starting my new business. I am a single guy, age 51 and would like to meet others. I do not drink or party much so not sure where to go to meet other business professionals and friends. I love it here so far and hope to make this my permanent home. I am from Canada and have lived in US and UK most recently. Trying to learn Polish a little at a time. I found the Krakow Post and was surprised to be reading in English! So that brought me to this forum and guess I just wanted to say Hi and see if others feel a bit alone here. Hope to hear from anyone who would care to write a comment here. Hope this is ok here for this type of message.

- Posted by Frank33 from Poland on Jan 7th, 2010

Hi Frank. I've recently married a Polish girl and moved to Poland, still not here all the time, have to be back in the UK quite a bit, but when I'm in Krakow if you fancy meeting for a coffee or beer and a chat, no problem. you can email me at Phil

- Posted by skibum from Poland on Jan 7th, 2010

You also might try the Bull Pub near Maly Rynek. Lots of English speaking ex-pats with a bit of experience there. And I always recommend the English Speaking Club, which meets 6-8 p.m. Wednesdays at ul. Sienna 5 down the street from Empik.

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on Jan 8th, 2010

Hi, super will drop you a note :) I would like to meet a wonderful single Polish girl myself.

- Posted by Frank33 from Poland on Jan 8th, 2010

Thanks for the info on the English meeting places. Though I do not drink, I am sure I can find some interesting people there. Thanks much!!

- Posted by Frank33 from Poland on Jan 8th, 2010

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