New Research: Literature and Krakow

Dear All, I have just begun a year of doctoral research in Krakow. I aim to explore individuals'/ couples'/ families' feelings about books and literature. Which books hold special political or religious significance? Which are considered subversive? Which books remind individuals of particular periods in their lives, or remind them of relatives? On the other hand, which books do people lie about having read?! Krakow seems to be a very literary city with many bookshops, so I am also interested in book-buying habits. What makes a book 'a bargain'? How do books become part of an informal economy that involves friends or relatives lending or gifting texts and avoiding bookstores all together? I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would allow me to meet them for a chat at a time that suits them. Any insights would be most appreciated and valued. Many thanks. (Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh. Affiliated with Department of Sociology, Jagiellonian University)

- Posted by KrakowBook from Poland on Dec 24th, 2009

Hello KrakowBook, I think I might like to share some of my opinions. But I have to warn you - neither I'm a student nor research worker; just a person who likes to read :) If you still want to feel free to ask or contact me. Marry Christmas by the way :)

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Dec 24th, 2009

Hi Shane, Thank you very much for your reply. Please could you give me your email address? Many thanks.

- Posted by krakowbook from Poland on Jan 12th, 2010

Hi, KrakowBook ... how about you give your email address and people can respond directly to you. Sounds like a fun project. Cheers.

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on Jan 12th, 2010

Agree! I don't want to give my address to everybody, sorry...Or is there any way to contact thorough the editorial staff/office?

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Jan 17th, 2010

KrakowBook, you can send your email address to editor (at) krakowpost (dot) com, and anyone interested in participating in the study can do so as well.

- Posted by editor@kp from Poland on Jan 18th, 2010

Thanks Editor, that's exactly what I will do!

- Posted by KrakowBook from Poland on Jan 18th, 2010

That's what I will do either :)

- Posted by _Shane from Poland on Feb 19th, 2010

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